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Instant SaaS and
Cloud cost reduction.

Pengu is leveraging data and expertise to buy and renew SaaS and Cloud on your behalf. We get deals done faster for the best price with guaranteed savings of up to 3x ROI.  

SaaS & Cloud buying reinvented.

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Trusted by: 

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Take back control over your SaaS spend.

With the wide range of SaaS tools available today, there are many that can help your organisation succeed.
In reality, many of these services have become so critical to your organisation that you heavily rely on them and can’t function without them. Teams simply don't have the time, data and expertise to effectively manage 100+ SaaS tools. This means you are losing track of usage and that you are overpaying for tools. Pengu creates structure in your SaaS landscape.

Real time savings insights.

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Understand and get grip on your softwareportfolio.

See realized savings and track spend in line with your business objectives.

Save time and money while expert buyers take care of negotiations.


One platform 
to manage it all.

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One central place for all SaaS contract communications with built-in chat and activity feed.

Request and approve quotes with the best price in the market.

Track procurement cycles and get third party validation on your contract conditions.

Single source of truth
for Finance and IT teams.

Store you contracts in one place.

Manage and categorize your software spend and never miss a renewal.

Get rid of your outdated spreadsheets.

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About us
How it works

How it works:

1. Analysis

Taking a deep dive in your current SaaS and Cloud Hosting spend.

2. Objectives

Sharing your objectives and aligning on new procurement goals.

3. Negotiation

We take care of the back and forth with vendors and negotiate the best price.

4. Insights

Real-time saving insight and data to make strategic decisions. 


Save on SaaS,
or get your money back.


up to €500k

annual SaaS spend


billed annually



€500k - €2.5M

annual SaaS spend


billed annually



Over €2.5M

annual SaaS spend

Whats included in every plan:

     • Unlimited access to a dedicated buyer • Unlimited SaaS and Cloud Hosting negotiations
• Saving analysis and optimization
• Unlimited access to the platform with no limit on users and vendors
• Spend dashboard 
• SaaS stack overview with renewals 

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