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SaaS buying, reinvented.

Pengu is a team of former SaaS sellers sharing a common belief: buying and renewing SaaS should be easy, fast and transparent. We aim to shift the paradigm from pricing power to buyer power and strive to help organizations with expertise and data-insight in SaaS negotiations. 

In our previous jobs, friends approached us more and more to get help with quotes they received from SaaS vendors. SaaS negotiations proved to be a black box without any third party pricing validation. With the increase of supplier options and spend, the buying process only gets more complex. Buying and managing software is becoming a serious drain. 

We saw the opportunity to take out the guesswork and fix the buying process, Pengu was born from this simple belief. 


Why Pengu?


Our pricing benchmarks with data-driven insights helps us take out the guesswork in negotiating commercials and terms.



Pengu is a team of former software sellers. We know what levers to pull and keep ourselves up to date in the ever-changing world of SaaS offering. We negotiate multiple times a week with the same vendor - without being a jerk.



No endless back and forth with vendors anymore and one centralised overview of
your SaaS spend which will help you prioritise contracts.

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