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About MatchWornShirt

MatchWornShirt is a global fundraising & fan engagement platform with online sport shirt auctions for sports clubs like Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur and Juventus. They are a European market leader with offices in Amsterdam, London, Istanbul and Sao Paulo and soon to open offices in New York and Melbourne. More and more people value remembering a game with a unique worn shirt of their favorite player and therefore MatchWornShirt has experienced exponential growth over the last few years. While growing sustainably they had a major challenge in tracking and negotiating their SaaS and Cloud hosting contracts.

‘Pengu proved itself within the first 2 weeks of the partnership and is now an instrumental part of how we manage and procure SaaS and Cloud hosting.’

Kevin Rombout - Head of Technology

Their Challenges

MatchWornShirt was looking for a way to streamline their procurement process. They were frustrated by the time it took to procure new and renew existing SaaS and their Cloud hosting contracts and the difficulty they had tracking how much money they were spending on each specific contract. As this was managed in different systems of records, the lack of overview resulted in not being able to proactively start renewal negotiations.

In addition, MatchWornShirt had no benchmark data to understand if they were paying a fair price. They were forced to go back and forth with vendors on renewal and new subscription contracts—a non-strategic task that took countless hours away from their core business.

12X ROI within 2 weeks

MatchWornShirt needed a solution that would allow them to quickly onboard new vendors and renew contracts for the best price without the back-and-forth with vendors that had previously been draining their time. After evaluating multiple options, they chose Pengu as their solution due to their hands-on approach and track record with like minded organizations.

Pengu onboarded MatchWornShirt quickly onto the platform and began analyzing every single contract. Within two weeks of starting working with Pengu, Google Workspace announced an increase in their prices; however, Pengu was able to negotiate an additional discount saving MatchWornShirt 30% on Google Workspace alone with zero effort for MatchWornShirt.

MatchWornShirt started their evaluation process for customer engagement / data platforms. Procuring these new technologies was done in a couple of weeks with the help of Pengu.

Pengu went through extensive data analysis and used its structured negotiation approach to get vendors such as Braze and Segment to offer compelling quotes from the start. Negotiations done by Pengu resulted in further discounts of 18% and 94%, respectively.

As a result of the growth that MatchWornShirt experienced, their AWS bills grew with them. Through one of the partnerships of Pengu, MatchWornShirt is now automating the management of on-demand AWS compute workloads. This allows them to save tremendously as on-demand workloads are now covered by resource commitments and delivers the savings of multi-year commitments - without the commitment.

About Rebels

Rebels is an IT Consultancy Agency based in Amsterdam with a focus on software development. Rebels develops digital solutions for clients such as Philips, Leaseplan, and RTL and experienced triple-digit growth in the last years. ‘To support our staff to do their best work, we have a very open-minded approach to adopting software that our employees believe works best,’ says Frank van der Bijl, Head of Innovation & Partnerships.

'After the first analyses, it was clear that the data and expertise Pengu could offer would help us save time and money.'

Frank van der Bijl - Head of Innovation & Partnerships

Their challenges

As a result, SaaS tools are often owned by different departments and team leads within Rebels. This decentralized IT landscape, in combination with the growth that Rebels experienced, resulted in a SaaS sprawl and underutilized licenses. For Rebels, it was clear how much money they spent on SaaS licenses, but they needed more insight into what exactly they were paying for and if they were paying the right price. Moreover, keeping track of all different applications was hard as ‘the excel sheet to keep the overview was outdated the moment we clicked the save button,’ says Frank. Rebels needed a solution that gives insight into their SaaS portfolio and helps get the right price for the right software.

Pengu was the solution of choice, as Rebels believed that Pengu could negotiate better prices and provide Rebels with the insights they didn’t have. Frank said, ‘after the first analyses, it was clear that the data and expertise Pengu could offer would help us save time and money. After all, Pengu promised to save more than they cost or refund the difference. This savings guarantee, combined with the value they bring, concluded that working with Pengu is a no-brainer for us.’

Results within six weeks

After gaining insight and setting objectives, Pengu took the lead in SaaS contract management, freeing up time for the Rebels team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Pengu realized a return on investment within the first six weeks of engagement with Rebels. The added value was proved quickly while negotiating the first contract for Rebels, realizing a 49% decrease in SaaS spend and saving tens of hours back and forth with vendors. A trend that was recognized in the engagement with Rebels was the number of vendors changing their pricing models and forcing customers to pay more. With the economic downturn, vendors are applying indexation for renewals of 10% price increases in most cases. Pengu was able to negotiate this down as well.

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