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  • I already have a SaaS management tool in place, what is the added value of Pengu?
    Great! Your SaaS management tool keeps track of things like renewal dates, the number of licences, onboarding and usage. It serves as input for your contract negotiations. However, your SaaS management tool does not negotiatie and do the back and forth with SaaS vendors. That is where Pengu comes in.
  • What level of engagement is required from our side once you come in?
    Depending on your situation we will determine our engagement plan. Typically, someone within your organization will be our main point of contact. With that person, we have a 1 hour onboarding call to set objectives and understand the way you work. In the first phase we would have weekly or bi-weekly syncs (20/30 mins).
  • What is the minimum contract period with Pengu?
    In most cases we can save you time and money from the start of our engagements. In order to achieve common set goals we see that a 1 year horizon suits best. Project based or ad hoc engagements can be discussed.
  • What is the savings guarantee?
    We guarantee that we will save you more than we cost in the first year of our engagement. If we can't live up to that promise we will pay you back the difference.
  • How do you calculate savings?
    Savings are calculated on: - Difference in total contract value before and after engagement with Pengu. - Duplicate or ghost licences that you can save on based on our analyses.
  • Is your question not answered?
    Get in touch with us via and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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