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Join Pengu!

We are a young and growing team with big ambitions, based in Amsterdam. We all share a common goal: fix the buying problem and make software negotiation transparent. 

We are looking for entrepreneurial minds with growth-mindsets who want to join us on and help build the future of how SaaS and Cloud Hosting is procured. We are obsessed by helping our customers while being creative and result-driven. Moreover, we have fun while doing it. 


Join us at Pengu!

Our values.


We serve with integrity and deliver with quality. We believe that broken trust can never be recovered. We seek to consistently build trust in every interaction. Be it with our customers or vendors we are always reliable and honest. 



We act like an owner, take responsibility and can be hold accountable. We take initiative and are always looking for new opportunities to solve problems. We are quick to understand, to respond, and to act. 


We get excited by simplicity being applied to complex situations. We strive for our product, processes and customer interactions to be a simple, straightforward and understandable as possible. We are looking to make impact while removing unnecessary barriers and friction.

Not ready to make the move yet?

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